AutoCanada considers good governance to be central to ensuring effective and efficient operations and the Board of Directors (the Board) are committed to reviewing and adapting governance practices to meet changing needs and to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Board is responsible for establishing and maintaining a culture of integrity in the conduct of the affairs of the Company. The Board seeks to discharge this responsibility by satisfying itself as to the integrity of the senior management of the Company, and by overseeing and monitoring Management to ensure a culture of integrity is maintained. Although directors may be nominated or elected by shareholders to bring special expertise or a point of view to Board deliberations, they are not chosen to represent a particular constituency. The best interests of the Company and its shareholders must be paramount at all times.

In order to maintain the integrity, transparency and accountability of the financial, administrative and management practices of AutoCanada, we maintain a Whistleblower policy providing direct and anonymous access to the Audit Committee Chair.