Automotive Sales Consultant


A Sales Position You'll Love

Full Time New and Used Automobile Sales Position Now Hiring At Tower Chrysler

We Believe in: Rewarding Excellence - We offer exceptional compensation plans that reward top performance. We know you'll love the commissions, bonuses, perks and benefits.

Investing in You - We want our people to be the best they can be so we will provide the tools, top training and leadership that will ensure your success. Wouldn't it be nice if you were fed great information and developmental training rather than being fed to the wolves?

Promoting Team Work - Through experience we know that teams work better than individuals. We provide a positive and supportive environment that promotes teamwork. 10 heads are better than one!

Exceptional Customer Experiences - We know that the key to every sales success starts with the customer getting treated right every time. Our dealership is customer driven.

Professional and friendly - Our responsibility to our employees and customers is to ensure the highest possible standards, following the highest ethical principles. One step into our dealership and you'll know you're in the right place.

Having a great time - Let's face it, even with everything else, if the job isn't fun, why bother. A fun environment starts with people that really want you to be there and finishes with great success.


Don't Hesitate

If you have an extremely positive attitude, willingness to learn, can follow an excellent and successful process and want to take your sales career to a place you'll love, Tower Chrysler wants you - so apply right now:

Feel free to drop in to say "Hello" to us and meet with our General Sales Manager, Lance Almost ( to discuss your qualifications. We'd love to meet with you!.

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